Advancing Justice: Interviewing and Presenting Testimony of Victims of Violent Crimes

Victims are impacted by violent crimes in a myriad of ways. Although there are commonalities, each victim’s response to trauma is unique to that individual. In order to support victim engagement throughout the criminal justice process, allied professionals must interact with victims in ways that consider the physical and emotional effects of trauma as well as the impact of COVID-19.  Interviewers and prosecutors presenting victim testimony at trial must understand common responses to trauma and how they may affect a victim’s ability to recall and recount details of their experience of a violent crime.
This presentation discusses the impact of trauma on victims of violent crimes in cold and current cases and explore research and practice-based information to assist allied professionals in helping victims to access and describe their experience. Emphasis is placed on integrating a trauma-informed response from the first contact with a victim or renewed contact in a cold case, through the conclusion of the case.

This webinar is presented by Patricia D. Powers, Attorney Advisor with AEquitas, and Dr. Rebecca Campbell, Professor of Psychology at Michigan State University.