Recognizing and Responding to Stalking

SPARC Associate Advisor Dana Fleitman and Retired Sgt. Mark Kurkowski presented “Understanding Stalking; Investigations and Hearings,” “Technology,” “Responding to Stalking” and “Best Practices, Resources, Questions ” on behalf of the Loudoun County Domestic Abuse Response Team & Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter (LAWS) in Ashburn, Virginia to an audience of

Protection Order Practice for Prosecutors and Law Enforcement

AEquitas Attorney Advisor Teresa Garvey and SPARC Director Jennifer Landhuis presented on topics including but not limited to, recognizing stalking, threat assessment, domestic violence related firearm prohibitions, overcoming the consent defense, and pre-trial release on behalf of the National Center on Protection Orders and Full Faith & Credit 

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Symposium

SPARC Associate Advisor Dana Fleitman presented on “Recognizing and Responding to Stalking” on behalf of ACTION in Community Through Service (ACTS) in Manassas, Virginia for an audience including community advocacy organization staff, court personnel, and sexual assault program staff.

Baltimore Area Higher Education Coalition Against Sexual Violence Sponsored Training on Stalking

SPARC Director Jennifer Landhuis and SPARC Associate Advisor Dana Fleitman presented “Prevalence, Dynamics and Behaviors,” “Intersection of Stalking and Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault,” “Use of Technology to Stalk,” and “Investigations, Hearings and Safety” in Baltimore, Maryland for an audience including law enforcement officers, mental health professionals, and university student affairs staff.

YWCA of Lewiston

SPARC Director Jennifer Landhuis presented “Use of Technology to Stalk” in Lewiston, Idaho to an audience of dual sexual assault/domestic violence program staff, health professionals and law enforcement officers.

Oklahoma Partners for Change Conference

AEquitas Attorney Advisor Jane Anderson and SPARC Director Jennifer Landaus delivered a series of presentations including “Antisocial Media: When Facebook is Weaponized,” “Know More, Do More: Enhanced Safety Planning for Victims of Stalking” and “Romantic Pursuit or Dangerous Conduct: Working with Teen and Young Adult Victims of Stalking” on behalf of the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General (OKOAG) in Norma, Oklahoma.

Southern States Victim Assistance Conference (SSVAC)

SPARC Director Jennifer Landhuis presented “Left Hand Meet Right Hand: Identifying Stalking within the Context of Domestic and Sexual Violence” and “Stalking 2.0: Stalking in the Digital Age” in Nashville, Tennessee to an audience of corrections personnel, sexual assault/domestic violence program staff, law enforcement officers, mental health professionals and prosecutors.