Artificial intelligence can help in fight against human trafficking

As part of the recent study, researchers tried to understand how artificial intelligence can help in the fight against human trafficking.

A group of computational researchers, experts in artificial intelligence (AI) and other members of the technology community are joining forces with policy experts, law enforcement officials, activists and survivors to help put the pieces together.

Since 2015, Jennifer Gentile Long, a graduate of Lehigh and chief executive officer of Aequitas — a resource for prosecutors working on cases of human trafficking and gender-based violence– and Lopresti have collaborated on computer-science-based efforts to help AEquitas manage and make use of a large amount of text data in legal documents to support the organization’s work in helping prosecutors build stronger cases.

“It was amazing to see experts in all these fields come together and try to coordinate efforts so that people are working toward solutions, not working haphazardly. They are making a true impact on this crime–identifying victims at points where they are missed, providing opportunities to leave and find safety, identifying perpetrators, and looking at policy in a coordinated effort. And it’s so great to see Lehigh, in a way, sitting at the head of the table,” Long asserted.