Prosecuting Cases Involving Victims with Developmental Disabilities: A Focus on Sexual Assault

The traumatic impact of sexual assault may further exacerbate already-existing issues for victims with developmental disabilities. Their condition may affect their participation in a criminal investigation and testimony at trial. Prosecutors must be prepared to address the impact of the disability on the victim and on the dynamics of the crime, particularly when assessing the offender’s behaviors, victim selection, and steps taken to perpetrate the crime. This webinar helps prepare prosecutors to anticipate issues and evidence prior to trial, file and argue pretrial motions, develop trial strategies that take into account the victim’s intellectual/developmental disabilities and mental health issues, introduce relevant evidence at trial while excluding the irrelevant, and consider appropriate sentencing options.

This webinar recording should qualify prosecutors for 1 hour of continuing legal education (CLE) credits. Prosecutors are encouraged to contact their state bar association in reference to application requirements and related fees.