Betraying the Badge: Officer-Involved Domestic Violence

Webinar Recording

Presented by Christopher Mallios, Former Attorney Advisor, and John Wilkinson, Attorney Advisor, AEquitas

Domestic violence occurs in 25% of relationships and law enforcement officers are not immune. Well-trained in power and control techniques needed on the job, with ready access to firearms, and with intimate knowledge of the justice system, the abuser who wears a badge can use these professional advantages against the victim. Conversely, an officer who is the victim of intimate partner violence may be reluctant to identify as a “victim,” risking potential negative professional consequences as a result of reporting, or failing to report, the abuse. Any effective response to officer-involved domestic violence includes well-publicized departmental protocols that are strictly enforced and communicate to offenders and victims that intimate partner violence in the law-enforcement community will not be tolerated.

This webinar addressed: complex dynamics of violence when one or both parties are in law enforcement; effective management of simultaneous administrative and criminal proceedings; provision of appropriate services for victims; and the mitigation of consequences for victim-officers who recant, fail to appear, or otherwise decline to participate.

Allied justice system professionals including but not limited to prosecutors, law enforcement officers, community-based service providers, medical and mental health practitioners, probation and parole officers, and judges are encouraged to view this recording.

CLE Credits
This webinar recording should qualify prosecutors for one and one-half (1.5) hours of continuing legal education credits. Prosecutors are encouraged to contact their state bar association in reference to application requirements and related fees.

Click here to view the recording of the May 29, 2014 webinar.

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