Special Initiatives

AEquitas is committed to a number of special initiatives which allow us to respond to emerging issues and provide support for governments and non-governmental organizations in the U.S. and internationally. Current and past initiatives are outlined below.

Combatting Witness Intimidation to Improve Victim and Witness Cooperation, Law Enforcement Investigation & Prosecution

"Historically, witness intimidation is closely associated with organized crime and domestic violence, but current efforts to investigate and prosecute drug, gang, violent, and other types of crime are also severely hindered by intentional or cultural intimidation of witnesses." The effects include underreporting of crime, reluctance of witnesses to "get involved" or even to speak with an officer or investigator, victims and witnesses who do not appear for statements or fail to show up for trial in response to a subpoena, or recantation on the stand. Learn More

Enhancing Law Enforcement Human Trafficking Task Force Operations

Human trafficking is one of the world's fastest growing criminal activities, operating on the same scale as the illegal trade of guns and drugs. Fueled by global economic conditions and increased international mobility, the market for, and trade of, human beings continues to expand rapidly. Exact numbers are difficult to calculate due to the underground nature of the crime, but the International Labour Organization estimates that up to 21 million people are trafficked internationally each year. Existing human trafficking research has found a lack of: coordination; proactive investigative strategies; information sharing; victim-centered approaches; training; and a host of other barriers impeding the successful identification, investigation, and prosecution of human trafficking. Learn More

Sexual Assault Justice Initiative

"How are we doing?" As prosecutors, we are constantly working to improve our response to sexual violence. We strive to be leaders in the effort to improve the response of the criminal justice system as whole-to promote safety and healing for victims, to hold offenders justly accountable, and to make our communities safer. To those ends, we collaborate with allied professionals to coordinate our efforts and close gaps in the system, we leverage specialized resources and training opportunities, and we implement promising new practices while refining established ones. Learn More

Stalking Prevention, Awareness, and Resource Center (SPARC)

Stalking engenders fear and emotional distress in those who are targeted. Whether perpetrated by a stranger, an acquaintance, or a current or former intimate partner, stalking all too frequently ends in tragedy. Although the individual acts of the offender are often minimized by the victim and first responders, stalking behavior is a recognized lethality factor, increasing the risk of homicide for both current and former intimate partners who are victimized. Learn More

National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative

There is currently no reliable estimate for the number of sexual assault kits (SAKs) that have not been submitted to a crime laboratory and the reasons behind this backlog are complex. Unsubmitted SAKs can be attributed to many factors, including poor evidence tracking, outdated and ineffective investigation practices, lack of resources and personnel, misunderstanding of crime lab case acceptance policies, and lack of understanding among law enforcement personnel about the value of testing SAKs. Resolving these issues is critical to providing justice for victims and preventing such a backlog in the future. Learn More

Past Special Initiatives

Special Initiatives