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Sep 05, 2017     Berks Loses Assistant DA To Help Prosecutors Nationwide | Reading Eagle
Aug 09, 2017     Why Taylor Swift's $1 Sexual Assault Lawsuit Is Huge For Women Everywhere | Women's Health Magazine
Jun 23, 2017     The North Carolina Law That Says People Can't Change Their Minds During Sex, Letting Rapists Escape Unpunished | Independent
Jun 17, 2017     Cosby Trial Ends in Swirl of Uncertainty But Campaigners See Encouraging Signs | The Guardian
Jun 10, 2017     Elder Abuse Seminars Coming Up | Napa Valley Register
Jun 04, 2017     All Eyes on Cosby Accuser as Sexual Assault Trial Begins | Reuters
Apr 04, 2017     Kentucky AG Andy Beshear to Offer Sexual Assault Cold Case Training on SAFE Kit Backlog |
Apr 03, 2017     Lawmakers Set to Pass Rape Kit Retention Bill, But Not Mandatory Testing | Baltimore Sun
Feb 02, 2017     The ‘Adult’ Section Might be Closed But Miami Sex Workers Still on the Job | Miami Herald
Jan 28, 2017     N.J. Likely Under-Reports Sexual Abuse Behind Bars, Experts Say |
Jan 17, 2017     State Considers Requiring Corroboration in Sex Assault Cases | Associated Press
Jan 07, 2017     NYPD Captain Suggests 'True Stranger Rapes' are More Serious than Others | The Guardian
Dec 09, 2016     Maryland Lawmakers Call for Uniform Police Standards on Rape Kits | The Baltimore Sun
Nov 07, 2016     Jailed Rape Victim Case Takes Focus in Texas District Attorney Race | Wall Street Journal
Sep 21, 2016     Derrick Rose's Accuser Must Be Named, Judge Rules. Is That Fair? | The Christian Science Monitor
Sep 21, 2016     Pickup Artists Preyed on Drunk Women, Brought Them Home, and Raped Them | The Daily Beast
Sep 21, 2016     Anthony Weiner Sent Sexually Explicit Messages To 15-Year-Old, Report Says | The Guardian
Sep 20, 2016     Attorney for Family of Lizzi Marriott to Defend NH’s Rape Shield Law before the NH Supreme Court | New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence - Press Release
Sep 12, 2016     ‘I’m Not Angry’ Says Woman in Case, ‘It Makes Me Sad’ | Daily Local News (West Chester, PA)
Sep 04, 2016     Mad About Brock Turner's Sentence? It's Not Uncommon | CNN

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