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Sep 11, 2018     He Led Female Students On Trips Abroad. Then, He Introduced Sex ‘Ceremonies’ | Huffington Post
Sep 01, 2018     Caltrain Sex Assault Claim: Should These Videos Have Negated Woman’s Case Against Conductor? | San Francisco Chronicle
Aug 25, 2018     Experts: Wuerl, Zubik Could Have Legal Exposure After Grand Jury Report on Abuse | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
May 03, 2018     Bill Cosby's Conviction Was Hailed as a #MeToo Victory. But Advocates Say More Needs to be Done. | NBC News
Apr 28, 2018     How To Convict a Rapist | HuffPost
Mar 26, 2018     SCSU Training Students, Staff on How to Prevent Sexual Assault | NBC Connecticut
Feb 25, 2018     At Yale, Trying Campus Rape in a Court of Law | The New York Times
Feb 08, 2018     A Grandfather Molested His Granddaughter 'Over and Over.' So Why Isn't He Going to Prison, an Outraged Mother Asks | Des Moines Register
Feb 02, 2018     Once Reluctant, Nassar Victims Lead Each Other Out of Shadows | Reuters
Jan 25, 2018     The American Public Finally Heard The Women Larry Nassar Abused | HuffPost
Jan 18, 2018     She's the Judge These Larry Nassar Victims Needed | CNN
Jan 07, 2018     With Baton Rouge Violent Crime on Rise, Officials Hope New Grant Helps Combat Witness Intimidation | The Advocate
Dec 08, 2017     Justice Delayed: Litigating Sexual Assault on Campus | Yale Daily News
Nov 29, 2017     Were You Sexually Harassed, Assaulted or Raped At Work? Here's What Steps You Can Take | USA Today
Oct 31, 2017     Survivors of Sexual Abuse From the Powerful Face a Hard Road Back | Variety
Oct 29, 2017     How Women Banded Together to Take on James Toback | Vice
Sep 05, 2017     Berks Loses Assistant DA To Help Prosecutors Nationwide | Reading Eagle
Aug 09, 2017     Why Taylor Swift's $1 Sexual Assault Lawsuit Is Huge For Women Everywhere | Women's Health Magazine
Jun 23, 2017     The North Carolina Law That Says People Can't Change Their Minds During Sex, Letting Rapists Escape Unpunished | Independent
Jun 17, 2017     Cosby Trial Ends in Swirl of Uncertainty But Campaigners See Encouraging Signs | The Guardian

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